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Acting Success Now has this to say about the Steve Eastin Studio:












     This man’s approach to acting is so in sync with what we do at our 3-day Acting Success Now workshop, that it still has us shaking our heads.

      When we met this teacher in LA we immediately recognized him for his outstanding acting in such films as Field of Dreams and Catch Me if You Can. Many of you will recognize him from Con Air and his heartbreaking portrayal in Up in the Air.

     It is absolutely rare to find somebody who’s both a great actor and a great teacher. And to be approaching acting both as an actor and teacher from what he calls “choiceless awareness” is music to our zen ears and hearts.




Because there’s nothing that breaks self-consciousness as simply and instantly as this approach!



This gives you a magnetic quality that JUMPS off the screen, STANDS OUT in auditions, and gives you the HIGHEST probability of blowing directors, writers, producers, other actors, and audiences away.

Last week we audited his class and saw what was by far the most exciting, alive, spontaneous acting in years. Oh…and it was all from not having more than 10 seconds to look at the script!

At the very least, we cannot encourage you enough to audit his class, especially if you care about being the finest actor and artist you can be.

We are THRILLED to introduce you to…


Steve Eastin


The Steve Eastin Studio

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